Group project ​​​​​​​
Conducted at The Sustainable Design School, Nice, France
          Client   EDF 
Date 2018 
"Imagine new services, alongside the dual digital and energy transition"
This project was a partnership between The SDS and EDF. We had to focus on three different topics: Energy, Digital, and Smart communities. 

Low carbon and renewable energy solutions are put in place in new districts ( but not only). These are materialised through district or decentralised energy systems. However, it is barely understood or known by the overall community. 
How to raise awareness about those solutions by integrating new services?
More data is produced and used within the energy sector and others alike ( for e.g water, transport, safety etc..) 
Which opportunities are given by such data to create new services at the local community/ district/ city scale? ( making the connection among energy and other sectors) 

​How to combine the right data with the right lifestyle segment to propose new services?
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